Whether you’re just starting out as a rider or a seasoned professional, having a poor fit can greatly affect the quality and enjoyment of your ride. While there are many fit services to choose from, Body FIT is the most comprehensive fit system available to all riders, regardless of experience level or even the brand of bike they choose to ride. It goes beyond the basics offered by competitors, and is an Individualised, scientifically proven system focusing on all aspects of a rider’s position.

Every fit – whether you’re a novice or experienced cyclist– starts with a brief interview between you and your trained Body FIT technician. The 2 hour Body FIT process that follows will help your FIT Technician fully understand you, your riding and your body’s needs through:

These questions allow your FIT Technician to sharpen the focus of their flexibility assessment. By learning your injury and riding history, flexibility issues that will affect your saddle position, handlebar drop and stance width can be anticipated.
By assessing the side view of you on your bike, your FIT Technician will establish a correct neutral position that’s both powerful and comfortable by precisely adjusting seat height, handlebar height, stem length and cleat position.
This series of evaluations provides an accurate picture of your flexibility and other physical attributes that will determine your final riding position. Assessments include foot structure, knee position, spinal curve, and hip flexion, among others.
Analysis from frontal view will optimise your hip, knee and foot alignment for greater performance and balanced power delivery. Includes analysis of pedal and shoe placement and squareness on the saddle.
After a week or so, our FIT Technician will call you to discuss the effectiveness of the adjustments and answer any other questions or concerns you may have.